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Orange County consumer fraud against Irvine victims of violence.

Call me Eddie Evans. See my web page for more information on consumer fraud against victims of crimes, suicides, and unattended deaths.

I work at informing Irvine residents about consumer fraud in our coroner's department. See my other page on consumer fraud.

I am not a dogmatic person and I do not believe in using a wide brush when painting county employees as consumer fraud advocates. I mean, most county employees work hard and earn an honest living.

I must add that I know for a fact that our Sheriff's deputies risk their lives, work terrible hours, and take a lot of abuse at our public's hands. Unfortunately, there are a number of Sheriff's enforcement officers, deputies and special officers, involved in this consumer fraud.

It's those few who benefit from others' personal tragedies I write about.

These tragedies include surviving family members victimized by loss of a loved one to a violent crime in Irvine. Families suffering from the loss of a loved one to suicide belong to this group too. A third set of victims included in this suffering group, includes those families whose loved one decomposed beyond recognition.

Because of these tragic losses, these family survivors must report to our county coroner's department.

I recommend that Irvine residents never accept coroner employee referrals to private companies. "At the top, we intuitively know our income and education independently contribute to social power. Either alone or together, both of these personal assets work to reduce consumer fraud. Neither stop coroner fraud." Eddie Evans, 17 July 2010

Body identification and personal property retrieval bring Irvine families into contact with county employees' consumer fraud dealings.

In this way, an unsuspecting population of tax payers become victims of consumer fraud at the hands of some of their own Sheriff's department employees.

Also, I have been a biohazard cleaner technician in Orange County for 8 years. I am self-employed. I live in Cypress (33 years). I've followed this corruption for 8 years.

Motivation for Consumer Fraud in Coroner's Department

In short, here's the reason for consumer fraud in our coroner's department.

Bloodborne pathogen legislation created a million dollar biohazard cleaning industry in Orange County, California. Cronyism practiced by coroner's employees became inevitable. More than one administrator's assistant joined these thieves. Congress inadvertently created a multi-million dollare biohazard cleanup industry when it voted to legislate for workers' protection. This protection involved protecting medical workers from bloodborne pathogens, germ. These germs sometimes carry HIV and Hepatitis C, the worst of the two.                     Top


The Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) began administering rules and regulations to ensure employers followed safe bloodborne pathogen standards. Hospital staff and sharps protection were at the trust of this legislation.

Before long entrepreneurs from many areas became "biohazard cleanup" companies. They now make inordinate sums of money for cleaning up blood. Unlike hospital staff, biohazard cleanup technicians work without many benefits. Their wages usually pay less than hospital staff's.

Surprisingly, biohazard cleanup company owners make a lot of money. That is, they make a lot of money when they feed off of coroners' department monopolies. This fraud resembles fraud in the health care business. "Overall, fraud and abuse bleeds more than 100 billion dollars each year out of the U.S. health system."

Like Hospitals

Like hospitals, these biohazard cleanup companies get to bill insurance companies huge amounts of money.

It did not take long for coroners' technicians, clerical staff, and investigators to catch on to this tricky new deal in town. No degrees in consumer fraud need exist. Consumer fraud becomes intuitive to those empowered by local government controls.

Since coroners employees have a monopoly over families ordered to the coroner's department, they simply started sending family victims to their friendly biohazard cleanup companies. In return, these government employees receive as much as 10% and even higher amounts for this consumer fraud against Irvine's grieving families.

Before long these corrupt employees figured they could keep the whole enchilada by running their own biohazard cleanup companies. They do very well at this double-dipping, conflict of interest fraud.



Tim W.'s father died during surgery. He suffered a gunshot wound accidentally discharged while cleaning his handgun.

Tim later Tim sat in the hospital's waiting room for several hours hoping that his father would survive. Meanwhile, other members of his family began to arrive. They remarked about the accidental shooting scene. No one knew what to do.

Now, imagine this scene at the hospital for its impropriety.

After informing Tim of his father's death, their surgeon steps away. Now steps up a surgical technician. This technician hands Tim a card with 3 telephone number on it. Tim reads this card and sees it refers him to 3 funeral parlors of good character.

As a result of this referral, the surgical technician receives 10% of the winning funeral home's gross sales to Tim. What Tim could not have known about this list. All 3 funeral homes belonged to the same people. This type of consumer fraud seems unlikely. In some small coroner of the United States it could take place. I use it to make an example, an analogy for consumer fraud with what follows.

Now, imagine Tim entering the Orange County Coroner's Department to reclaim his father's wallet. As he signs for his acceptance of "dad's" wallet, a male clerk says something like this: "You need to have a professional company cleanup your kitchen. Here's a telephone number to call.

Tim has absolutely no reason to question the propriety of a sworn county employee's behavior. He has no doubt about the authenticity of these referrals. "This must be the way it is done," he thinks.

Tim calls the referred company. This company sends out 3 "technicians." After 8 hours of their work, Tim receives an invoice for $8,888.00. Since Tim has home owner's insurance, his insurance pays the bill. As a "thank you" for the referral, the cleaning company pays the referring coroner's employee $888.00. Everyone's satisfied.

Imagine another scene in Tim's home. A coroner's investigator questions Tim in his home. After interviewing Tim about his father's "accidental" shooting, he hands Tim 3 telephone numbers.

Our coroner's investigator then advises Tim to choose between these 3 companies for a biohazard cleanup of his kitchen. One will fit his need. Biohazard cleanup technicians soon arrive. Our county investigator receives $888.00 cash or as a money order, a generous 10% referral fee. Nice money for making a simple kickback, consumer fraud.                   Top

Less than 1 call per year

While reading, keep in mind I receive less than 1 telephone call per year to clean up after death in Orange County.

  1. Relatives of homicide victims must report to Orange County's coroner's office to sign for their loved one's body and belongings.
  2. Relatives of suicide victims must report to Orange County's coroner's office to sign for their loved one's body and belongings.
  3. Relatives of unattended deaths followed by decomposition must report to the Orange County coroner's office to sign for their loved one's body and belongings.
  4. Relatives of most unidentified decedents or victims of violent death come into contact with coroner's assistant's at some time.
  5. During contact with county employees within the coroner's office proper, or outside "in the field," county employees direct surviving family members to select biohazard cleaning companies for profit.
  6. County employees have no right or privilege to profit from their Orange County employment.
  7. Orange County's Sheriff-Coroner and County Administrator's are powerless or complicit in the above death administration fraud.


I own Biosafe is a biohazard cleanup web site. I also own hundreds of web pages serving Irvine victims of violence. These victims we call "crime scene victims, suicide victims, and unattended death followed by decomposition victims."


These deaths receive our Orange County coroner's attenuation. Our coroner has a duty to find the cause of sudden, questionable deaths. Identification of the deceased has an important part in law enforcement.

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Proof of Orange County's Fraud against Orange County's Victims

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I also use for Suicide Cleanup marketing, and have recently added it to my Orange County fraud cleanup efforts in Irvine.


Consumer Fraud in Irvine

Cognitive Deficiency in Consumer Fraud

and Social Aspects of Consumer Fraud

Cognitive Deficiency Discussion

Consumer fraud affects Irvine's consumers, especially those in need of coroner's services. I've read that consumer fraud reaches at least $100.000,000 a year in the United States. These financial costs do not include the nonmonetary costs. As a result of this fraud, Irvine's residents sometimes suffer emotional stress and psychological trauma. Add these emotional hazards to emotional stress from loss of a loved one, and we find victims of coroners' fraud pay a heavy price.

Of course, if a victim of consumer fraud remains unaware they've been had, where's the harm? It's like, if a tree falls in the forest and no one is there to hear it, does it make a sound?

So where's the wrong when victims of violence become victims of coroner fraud?

That's where I come in. It's my place in life to blow the whistle on Orange County Coroner's fraud against Irvine's grieving families, in particular. For the rest of our United States, in general, someone else will need to jump in and help.

So why don't I keep my mouth shut and let grieving families alone? I blow the Stop-Coroner-Fraud whistle because coroner fraud cheats grieving families. These families need our care and concern, not a rip-off. Thousands of potential coroner fraud victim's remain as future fraud victims, and long after my whistle blowing stops.

Losses to Orange County Coroner's fraud are not uniformly distributed across all Irvine victim's households. How cold they? Sometimes corrupt biohazard cleanup companies charge whatever figure comes to mind. Because they have a monopoly over biohazard cleanup in Orange County, anything goes. No free market forces tame their greed.

Overall, consumer fraud victims' susceptibility to consumer fraud remains unidentified, but for coroners' fraud. Again and again, I must repeat, our coroner's monopoly over grieving families' information guarantees coroners employees' role in consumer fraud. This worse type of consumer fraud occurs under color of law.

As a consequence of their unique vulnerability, victims of coroner fraud require unique approaches to pertinent consumer education.

Addressing coroner fraud in a comprehensive manner by consumer education will prevent fraud against consumers of local government services. Other local government agencies will come under the same or similar scrutiny by an informed public.

Two fronts in our education efforts for promoting consumer awareness among grieving families should include cognitive deficiency and social interaction approaches. Focus on these internal and external areas will begin consumer education in general for coroner abuses.

Cognitive Deficiency Discussion

So lets begin with a cognitive deficiency discussion.

A cognitive deficiency model for consumer awareness. Consumers with a limited ability to process information remain more vulnerable to consumer fraud. Lack of education creates greater consumer vulnerability, because reading thinking skills are resources that consumers need in their marketplace.

Everyone incurs cognitive impairments as they grow older. With old age we lose our cognitive abilities as consumers. We no longer evaluate products from memory as quickly and accurately.

Our central nervous system begins to decline as other parts of our bodies lose their youthful agility and power. I'm reminded of my eyes' decline after 35. Losing 20-20 vision at 35 struck a deep cord in my awareness of aging. Now at 63, looking through my glasses certifies my gross loss of visual powers. And so the rest of my body has undergone these deep, growing physical losses, including my brain.

I suppose our great President Reagan exemplifies loss of cognitive processing speed more than anyone. I can identify with his loss. Remember Nancy Reagan's desperation watching our great president's mind shut down?

But not all cognitive impairment is influenced by biological aging. Psychological, sociocultural, and environmental influences contribute to our loss of critical thinking skills, our roots to consumer awareness.

As I said above, I don't wish to write with too wide a brush. Not all older consumers become cognitively inferior. Knowledge and experience influence cognitive competencies. These additional assets play an important role in critical consumer awareness.

Social Interaction in Consumer Fraud

Inactivity - - Social Power -

Readers will agree that certain underprivileged groups have less control over their lives. Whether by choice, ignorance, that fates, whatever, some of us life under economic duress. We have poor social and educational skills for controlling our trajectory through cultural and social relationships.

Dominant groups (e.g., whites, men, the rich) tend to sustain and legitimate their power over less privileged groups. Anyone doubting this finding would do well to recall British Petroleum's control over the Gulf of Mexico and our loss of North America's richest fishing ground.

Underprivileged consumers who with low socioeconomic status live with an inferior position an more easily coerced by the dominant groups Imagine the poorly educated, elderly woman confronted by a corner's investigator handing her telephone numbers to THE cleaning companies.



Social isolation leads consumers to feel less connected. They become more vulnerable to sales people, including coroner's employees. Because of their inactivity, they have fewer friends and acquaintances to offer feedback. Fewer sources of third party opinions enter their lives for evaluation. They have poor support systems.

Ordinarily, consumers in this position become more vulnerable to responsive sellers. Sellers help isolated individuals feel better by paying attention to them. Eager to socialize, even with strangers, but lacking social interaction, they loose grasp of proportionally appropriate trust. Consumers then become unaware of normative beliefs related to fair treatment in the marketplace. They become victims of consumer fraud.

Now, let's qualify all of this discussion about activity in social circles, consumer contact with sellers, and trust. Whatever consumer fraud occurs in the open market place, it becomes many times more egregious in our coroner's department monopoly.

Monopoly's do not foster open, free market economics. They foster closed, control based markets. Exactly the wrong place for a recently victimized family member in search of a biohazard cleaning company.

Ironically, feeling psychologically alone becomes worse than actual physical isolation from inactivity for some consumers. (AARP 1994) My mother belongs to this group of our elderly citizens. She's in contact with family and friends at eye-sight and by telephone. Still, she feels psychologically alone. She's as active as an 88 year-old with heart trouble can be.

She's lost her peers to death. Her husband, lost to death. Her oldest and youngest daughter, lost to death. She's caught in a psychological world devoid of a familiar psychological social circle.

When it comes to consumerism, she has her directions from those of us left in her life: Do nothing. Buy nothing.

Before, sells people took advantage of her psychological aloneness. They took advantage of her desire to find someone willing to play to her need for others from a familiar social circle. Sales people and my mother became wrapped in a consumerest diad; one giving and the other taking and somewhere between the two, cash for caring.

Vulnerability at this time of my mother's life forces her into a self-trans-formation when in a consumer role. At this time in her life she remains the least prepared to protect herself from consumer fraud. Hence, our "Do nothing directions."

I shudder to think of what would happen to my mother if one of our corrupt, Orange County Sheriff employees got hold of her following my death. She'd lose everything, most likely.


Social Power

At the top, we intuitively know that income and education independently contribute to social power. Either alone or together, both of these personal assets work to reduce consumer fraud.

Social power includes critical thinking cognitive skills, education, wealth, vitality, physical strength, friends and family. Consumers often find their racial placement status affects their consumer powers. A poor, young black woman in Southern Alabama ranks lower on the social totem-pole than a wealthy, white man, in many cases. We want to keep in mind that "Red Lining" remains a problem for many ethnic groups to this day.

A consumer's compliance with sellers' demands grows with a lower ranking on a perceived social power hierarchy. Social power begets market power. An ability to negotiate the best possible deal in the marketplace aids those with social power. As a result this group of consumers becomes less likely to experience consumer fraud.

Inversely, those at the other end of our social power hierarchy have less power to negotiate. They also have less power to remain free from consumer fraud. As daunting, this group has fewer resources to seek justice from their local government and corporations. They become the fodder of consumer fraud.

All too often older adults become victims of consumer fraud because of their physical and mental frailty. Their social power may diminish because they've retired into poverty or near poverty. They command few if any productive resources. Widowhood shrinks their intellectual and physical command over their social environment.

This loss of social power creates unfair exchange relationships. As a consequence, this population suffers consumer fraud disproportionately to younger consumers. Unless they gain more knowledge and third-party support, consumers with low social power pay higher prices for products and services. These consumer remain our greatest number of consumer fraud victims.

Willfully Ignorant Consumer Fraud Victim

  1. No thought to questioning the legitimacy of charities.
  2. No known sources of help with consumer problems.
  3. No knowledge from books and articles about consumer information.
  4. Consumer Reports not considered a useful source of consumer information.
  5. Does not know how 1-900 numbers are charged.
  6. Does not know about cancellation rules for door-to-door sales.
  7. Does not late mortgage payments lead to eviction.
  8. Politely listens to telemarketers who call.
  9. Thinks it is wrong to hang up on a persistent telemarketer.
  10. Reads mail promotions.
  11. Believes catastrophic events arising from negligent business practices arise by "accident."

People are not forthcoming and accurate in self-reporting victimization experiences. And this is when they know they've been cheated. Now, what about all of our families with losses to criminal violence and coroner's fraud. They have no way to know they've been cheated, gouged, defrauded.

Poorly educated, older women become victims of consumer fraud, in general. We can imagine this group suffers the greatest abuse from coroner's employees. Older women lose their mates at increased numbers. Odder women may have greater wealth than some because of inheritance and life-long wealth enhancement.

Although older women over age 65 tend to suffer from consumer fraud more often than younger women (18 - 65), younger men suffer from consumer fraud more often then older men.

Overall, single people become vulnerable to consumer fraud at a greater rate than married people. Education and income also work to help consumers from consumer fraud. But age signals one's vulnerability to consumer fraud.


For example, in cemetery plot sales, the open market type of sales, a sales force knows their target market consists of older women. They know too that these women were born and raised as Catholic. No other religious group spends money of after-death service comparable to United State's Catholics. When observing extraordinarily long funeral processions, we can usually guess a hurst carried a deceased Catholic.

Their entourage belongs to the same religion. At its inception, this ritual found its wherewithal from an "honest" sales' caring contact with an older, white, female Catholic. The point, this sales force knows who has the money and who desires their services the most often. And, with the more adorning and costly arrangements.

Place this group in contact with corrupt coroner's investigators, and before long a corrupt biohazard cleanup company arrives. Before long this company begins removing floors and walls from an otherwise safe death scene. A consummation of this arrangement leads to many thousands of dollars invoiced to an insurance company.

It's their demographic signals radiating to a coroner's investigator that ensures a healthy home owner's insurance policy stands at the ready for death cleanup. Then there's the 3 car garage, swimming pool, pool table, and other accouterments of a middle-class life-style.

We should not get the idea that gender, race, housing tenure, and region of residence alone contribute to consumer vulnerability. If this sounds contradictory, it is not. Females, ethnicity, housing control, and regions of residence do not point to vulnerability for consumer fraud. As above, poor education, isolation or inactivity, and social power give prominence to those most vulnerable for fraud.

If married, we have greater protection from consumer fraud. Widowed, divorced, and single consumers have greater risk of fraud.


Insurance Fraud

Corrupt coroner's investigators enter their homes. Surmise their surrounding wealth, and size them up for personal and/or insurance fraud schemes. Insurance fraud stands behind consumer fraud in biohazard cleanup. Without an insurance claim number, corrupt biohazard cleanup companies cannot cheat their victims out of thousands of dollars, usually.

Some corrupt biohazard cleanup companies exist for insurance fraud alone. We cannot say this about Orange County, California's corrupt biohazard cleanup companies. They have no problem sitting at the table with small fry, crime scene cleanup victims. Practically nothing connected to our Orange County Coroner's Department reaches the Internet. Nothing. Irvine tax payers deserve better.

This alone paints a grave picture of our victimization by a local government. It means an attack on our country's economic freedom comes from within, within our midst. Insurance money, unwittingly, drives this nation corrupting, consumer fraud.

Previous victims of coroner fraud have a grievance against Orange County for its perpetration of consumer fraud against them. How many millions of dollars have victims of violence lost to their coroner's department over the years?


Eddie Evans

Crime Scene Cleanup


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